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A Presentation

You are going to investigate, in more detail, one of the following topics.

The Life of:

    1. Francis Bacon
    2. Johannes Kepler
    3. Galileo Galilei
    4. Isaac Newton
    5. Tycho Brahe
    6. Copernicus
    7. Rene Descartes
    8. John Locke
    9. Adam Smith

Tell us:

  • When the person lived.
  • Where the person was born, lived, and died.
  • What he's known for.
  • What his contributions were.
  • What conflicts he might have had.

Put it together:

  1. In a presentation
  2. Of about five minutes
  3. WIth visual elements
  4. And a variety of sources (at least 5,  and not just Wikipedia)