Teaching HTML - Teaching People to Build the Web 21

  1. You are going to create a site, similar to W3 Schools, to try to teach someone basic HTML. You won't be teaching CSS so you don't need to worry about that.
  2. You will need at least 10 pages on your site. They should all have the same look, layout and general feel.
  3. You should cover basic HTML concepts like
    • bold,
    • underline,
    • italics,
    • line breaks,
    • paragraphs,
    • fonts including different font faces, colors, and sizes,
    • rulers (show them how to change the color of the ruler),
    • headlines (H1 to H6),
    • images,
    • those pointy brackets that you need to put your commands in,
    • file extensions (.html  not .txt),
  4. Go to Open Source Web Design and pick an appropriate design for this assignment.
  5. What colors would be good for a site to teach HTML? You should have a consistent look throughout your site.
  6. How should you arrange your pages so that the content is easy to find and easy to learn?
  7. When you've made decisions on how to arrange the content, you should write explanations for each of the important HTML elements that you need to explain.
    • They need to be simple enough that anyone can understand.
  8. Are there illustrations or examples you can include, or maybe short demonstrations of the code in action?
    • To help with that you might need special characters so you can show the <> symbols without them becoming part of the HMTL code.
  9. Are there pictures or diagrams that could help illustrate the concepts you're trying to teach?