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Who's Your Audience?

For Kids

  1. CBC for Kids
  2. Nick Jr.
  3. Lego
  4. Discovery Kids
  5. Crayola
  6. Cyberkids

For Adults

  1. Apple
  2. Auto Trader
  3. Canadiana.org
  4. Ford
  5. CTV
  6. Canada Helps

For who?

  1. Arcade Town
  2. Grant Memorial Baptist Church
  3. Linden Christian School
  4. Dream Works (the guys who make Veggie Tales
  5. People Magazine
  6. Global School House
  7. Ryan's Well
  8. Google
Look at the kids sites, and then the adult sites.
  • In general, what sort of colors are used in each site? Which sites are brighter? Which sites are visually quieter?
  • What sort of shapes are used on each type of site? Is there a difference between the adult and kid sites?
  • Which sites are more crowded and busy? Adult or kids sites?
  • What general principles can you come up with that show who the site was designed to attract?
  • Looking at the other sites in the third list, use the principles you've come up with to decide who they're intended for.

Given your conclusions above, create the same webpage twice.

  • Make it once for a child (who's about six years old)
  • and once for an adult (about 35).
Before you make your web pages, make rough sketches on paper to show where all the various parts of the assignment will be located. Make sure I see the sketch before you begin.

Your pages should

  • be on any topic you like so long as it's in good taste.
    • Remember both pages are on the same topic.
    • You could do a church webpage,
      • or for a new candy,
      • or for a visit to the zoo,
      • or for a new school,
      • or for a new toy,
      • or for a pet store,
      • or for just about anything.
  • use at least one table.
  • use at least one picture.
  • use colors and layout appropriate for your audience.
  • have about 50 words describing whatever it is you're presenting.
  • use headlines, bold, colors, and other HTML as appropriate.
  • use TITLE tags, too.


For each page make these items kid or adult friendly:

  • 1 mark for appropriate fonts.
  • 2 marks for appropriate pictures
  • 2 marks for appropriate colors
James Dykstra,
Nov 1, 2010, 6:58 AM