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Troubled Tables

Before you make your web page, make a rough sketch on a piece of paper to show where all the various parts of the assignment will be located. Make sure I see the sketch before you begin.
  • Using the ROWSPAN and COLSPAN commands create a table that looks like this one.
  • ROWSPAN allows a cell to span more than one row.
  • COLSPAN allows a cell to span more than one column. 
  • These commands go in the TD command brackets.
  • They allow a cell to span two or more rows (rowspan) or a cell to span two or more columns.
  • Your command would look something like <td colspan=3> or <td rowspan=2>.
  • Before you begin look carefully at the table on the right and try to figure out how many rows there are and how many cells there are in each row.
    • You really need to know this in order to create the table properly.
  • Find a picture to fit in each table cell and get to work.
James Dykstra,
Oct 18, 2010, 6:56 AM