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Ugly Site

You thought you knew what a good site should look like? Today we're going to see if you do by having you create a really, really bad site. You are going to break all the principles of good design.
  1. Colors - Normally you want more muted base colors with a couple of accent colors. You want high contrast between fonts and text. 
    • For this site go for something bright and cheerful. Add in a font color that doesn't have sufficient contrast making for poor readability.
    • Try colors that don't work well together? Maybe green and pink?
  2. Busyness - A webpage is normally crisp, clean and easy to read. It should be distraction free. You are going to add movement to your page; too much movement.
    • There is a collection of animated gif sites off in the sidebar. Throw in a liberal assortment of these as you go. 10 should be enough.
  3. Layout
    • With layout you normally want a sense of balance. If there is a strong element at the top, for example, you want a similar element to draw your eye to the bottom.


  1. Color contrast
    • Is it minimal?
    • Is it hard to read?
    • Do the colors overwhelm you senses in a bad way?
  2. Busyness  
    • Are there a lot of different and maybe unrelated elements?
    • Is there movement in multiple places on the page?
    • Do you feel a bit nauseated when you look at the page?
  3. Layout - Is it unbalanced? Are there two many images on one side and none on the other? Are there bright