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Your first assignment is to dream up what your webpage will look like at the very end of the semester. You don't know how to create that webpage yet, but we're going to see how close you can get to your design by the end of the semester.

You are going to create the webpage design at Wireframe.cc.

You don't need to register, but when you save your design it will give you a unique URL. Keep track of the URL. E-mail it to yourself and me with the subject line Wireframe.

Your wireframe should include:
  1. A choice whether the site is designed primarily for a phone, a tablet, or a computer.
  2. A place for a menu.
  3. A place for a main headline.
  4. A place for a sub headline.
  5. A place for a site logo.
  6. At least one place for written content.
  7. At least two places for pictures.
You don't need to fill in the written content or the pictures. This is just the plan for what your future webpage will look like.