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Final Project

You are going to create your own web page design  It should include several elements
  1. At least three divs. There should be a header, a left div (probably a menu), and a right div (probably content).
     Menu  Content

  2. A gradient.
  3. Some use of opacity.
  4. An external stylesheet.
  5. At least three pages.
  6. Pictures (public domain or creative commons)
  7. An obvious scheme of complimentary colors that are suitable to your site topic.


 A design that can support three divs without falling apart
 A gradient that works in both Firefox and Chrome
 Opacity that works in both Firefox and Chrome
 An external style sheet
 At least three pages
 Pictures applied in a way that shows a consistent use in terms of layout and purpose. They should be public domain or creative commons (creative commons need to be acknowledged)
 An appropriate color scheme that is consistently applied throughout the site
 Total /19