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Are you human?

Before you make your web site, make a rough sketch on a piece of paper (one sheet for every web page) to show where all the various parts of the assignment will be located. Make sure I see the sketch before you begin.

Using the Humanable template, develop a small website of your own. Your site should be:
  • At least three pages
  • About either:
    • Puffins
    • Spiders
    • Coins
    • Jello
    • or clocks.

You should:

  1. Change the basic color scheme.
    • Leave the background White.
    • Change the various bars to another color of your choice.
    • Change the text in those bars to a complimentary color.
  2. Give your site a title.
    • Add a picture to the header that makes sense with the title. Use the stylesheet for this.
  3. Add a picture (or several) to each of the three columns.
    • Make sure you size the pictures appropriately.
    • Use only gifs, jpgs, or pngs. No bmps, please.
  4. Make sure that all of your pages have the same look.
  5. Make sure you write interesting content for each page.
  6. Provide links to offsite resources.
  7. Don't forget to change the content of the title tags.


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Basic Design Elements Included  Title tags, menu bars, etc included Consistent layout between pages Consistent use of color  Consistent use of graphics
James Dykstra,
Jan 25, 2011, 7:03 AM