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A Really Different Index Page

  1. Go visit Open Source Web Design and download the template Deep by the designer Vacant (also known as Chris Blunden).
  2. Unzip the template.
  3. With the index page opened up in Notepad, and the Stylesheet as well, start your editing by changing the background color of the web page.
  4. Change the word "foobarred" to anything else you'd like that's in good taste.
  5. Change the link colors if you need to. This will depend on the color you chose in # 3.
    • Don't forget the you may need change the link colors when you hover over the links.
  6. Change the links on the template to links that will go to your various assignments.
    • You have more links than are accommodated on this particular template. That means you need to add more. This is fairly simple if you create more div#text divs.
      • Be careful because you will have to reposition them so they don't overlap.
      • If may be helpful to change the size of the fonts, too.
  7. When you have all your assignments listed, post the page. It can become your new index page, or it could be just another page. If you make it "just another page," you might find it useful to use absolute URLs instead of relative ones.