That's the Way it Was

Today we're going to create a historical news report that is based on primary source research. Sounds like fun, eh?

What we're talking about

Canada has a lot of odd, unusual and interesting events in its history.

For this assignment you are going to research one of the events on the right. You are then going to write up a radio news report that takes place at the time of the event, and record it.

  1. What is the main event?
  2. Why did it matter then and why does it matter now?
  3. What's the context to this event?

The Details

  1. Your recording should be about 3 minutes long.
  2. It should feature at least two different voices, both played by you. At least one voice should be electronically altered so it doesn't sound like you sound.
  3. You should have at least one sound effect.
  4. You should have sort of theme music as demonstrated in class.
  5. It should use at least five different sources.
  6. At least one source should be a primary source such as an article from the time period from the Winnipeg Free Press.
  7. In the script which you will write up and hand in, you should have in text citations (aka: footnotes).
  8. You should have a bibliography attached to the end of your script.

The topics

What can you write on? The topics are wide and varied.
The main thing is that they are should involve the possibility of an interview, or two people interacting in some kind of radio show format. 

There's a wide of variety of topics you could pick. Howeve, if you want to play it safe a pre-approved list of topics can be found over here.

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