Snapshots of Canadians

For each of the different groups of photos, attempt to answer the following six questions in order to stimulate your thinking. Do each group (immigrants, sports figures, politicians) separately.


  1. Take the photos of the each envelope in turn out and place them in historical order from oldest to most recent.
  2. What changes do you see happen between the oldest and newest photos?
  3. What things do not change?
  4. Are there changes other than the clothing people wear?
  5. How do these changes reflect society?
  6. Why do these changes happen?
  7. Are these changes positive or negative?

Your Answers

  1. Do you find your answers are the same for each batch of photos?
  2. Why might they be different?

Report Back

Be prepared to tell the teacher about your conclusions. Exactly how you will present the material is up to you as long as everyone is involved in presenting the material. It could be

  1. A song,
  2. A story,
  3. Or a poem.
  4. Some other format that involves all group members.