Filming the North

Your mission is to create a video highlighting Canada's North. It can be about the exploration of the North, the culture, or some of the significant events in the region. The bottom line is the video must be about Canada's North.
For this activity, your camera is you iPod Touch or some other video camera that you'll supply.

Your project should
  • be 3-4 minutes in length (not longer than 4 minutes)
  • show use of significant research
  • have a written out script with good sentence structure, punctuation, etc.
  • make some use of costumes, props, scenery, etc to add realism to the film
  • have compare the past and present and explain how things have changed (or how they haven't)

How should you set it up?

Your video can take almost any format you like. You could re-enact the events of your topic, or perhaps treat it like a news report with one or two people at the anchor desk, possibly cutting to correspondents out of the studio. You could create a fake awards ceremony in the style of the Oscars.

How many people can be in my group?

You may work collaboratively with up to 3 people. However, each of you should have your own, different video to present at the end.

What are my topic choices?

See below.
  1. Martin Frobisher
  2. John Davis
  3. William Baffin
  4. William Edward Perry
  5. Alexander Mackenzie (explorer)
  6. Medard des Groseilliers, Pierre Esprit Radission
  7. Captain Joseph-Elzear Bernier
  1. Yukon Gold Rush
  2. Building of the DEW Line
  3. Treaties, negotiations and signing
  4. Conquest of the North Pole
  5. RCMP St. Roch schooner covers North West Passage
  1. Changing Inuit culture
  2. Missionaries, mission work
  3. Native myths and the values they represent
  4. Arctic trading posts/HBC/North West Company/Northern Stores
  5. North West Mounted Police
  6. Nine official languages of the NWT
  7. Changing modes of Northern transportation