Creating a Survey on Canadian Identity

If you wanted to know what being a Canadian involved, what could you do to find out? One thing you could do would be ask people, perhaps a lot of people. To do that, we're going to create a survey.

(20 minutes) Do some brainstorming. What kind of questions could you ask that would show how well people understand Canada?

  • What are some things that you believe people think about Canada?
    • How big do think it is?
    • How cold do they think it is?
    • How heavily populated do they think it is?
  • What might be a good symbol for Canada?
  • What is the head of Canada's government called?
  • Who is the current prime minister?
  • What might be a good adjective to describe Canada?

(10 minutes) With a partner, try to come up with 10 questions to see what people think Canada and Canadians are like.

(10 minutes) Join three of your groups together and come up with your best 10 questions.

(20 minutes) As a class, come together and we'll choose the best 5 questions to post on a survey.

The other Social Studies 10 class will also make up 5 questions. The survey you make up together will be posted online at a soon to be announced location.

For your homework assignment you need to get 10 people to fill in the survey.