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Creating a Review Game

Using one of the grid papers provided, create a review game for the content you have covered in this course over the past several months.
  • Your game must have at least 50 squares that your pieces travel along.
    • Create your own pieces that are relevant to the material.
  • 5 of those squares may be traps, and five may be bonuses of some kind.
    • None of the bonuses may simply skip you close to the end of the course.
  • At least half of your squares should have some sort of question or other knowledge test that has to be solved for the player to advance to the next square.
  • You may use dice or some other method to move your pieces along once the knowledge test has been mastered.
  • Write up simple rules if you need to.
    • You really shouldn't have more than about 10 rules.
  • Your team may have players work individually or in groups.
  • You should be able to design the game this class.
  • You may work in teams of four.
After you have tested out your game by playing it, try out someone else's. Rate their game on these criteria. Up to 5 marks are available per category.
  1. Playability. Is it clear what you're supposed to do? Is the game play smooth? Is it easy to understand how the game is supposed to be played or did the designers have to give complicated rules to keep the game going? 
  2. Difficulty. Is it too hard or too easy to answer the questions? 
  3. Asthetics. Is the game neat, tidy, and attractive, or is it sloppy and a mess?
  4. Review. Do the questions, and the game in general, help you remember the material you've covered in the course this year?
James Dykstra,
Jan 19, 2010, 6:39 AM
James Dykstra,
Jan 19, 2010, 6:39 AM