What's a Canadian citizen like?

  • Ask yourself some questions:
  1. Who is a Canadian citizen?
    • Do you have to be born here?
    • Do have to have Canadian parents?
    • Can you come to Canada and become a citizen?
  2. If I'm a Canadian citizen, what are my responsibilities? 
  3. If I'm not/were not a Canadian citizen what would I need to do to become one? Is that reasonable?
  4. Who do we want for new Canadian citizens?
    • Should they be able to speak our language?
    • Should they be like us? If so, how?
    • Should they have skills that we need, or should we take anyone who wants to come?
  5. How does our Christian perspective change our answers? Does the fact that we have experienced the love of God change our thoughts about who can be/should be a Canadian citizen?

Things to report on

In a small group try to come up with a joint policy for immigration that answers the following issues:
  1. Why do we want immigrants? 
    • In the past, immigrants have always been brought here in order to benefit us. Is this a just and Christian policy? Should we change that approach?
  2. Should you be a Canadian citizen because of where you're born, who you're born to, or both?
  3. Should it be necessary for all Canadians to know French or English? If so, how do we decide if your language knowledge is strong enough?
  4. Where should immigrants be allowed to come from? Some countries have belief systems very different from ours, or "export terrorism." Should we welcome people from there as well?
  5. How many immigrants should we allow in? In recent years we've admitted about 250,000 immigrants, plus refugees. The People's Party of Canada thinks this is too many, and others think it is too few.
    • Should we increase the number or decrease it?