Social Justice

Often in Christian communities we'll talk about things that go wrong in the wider society. We feel compelled to help the people affected by the problems. We're driven on by God's love.

Today we're looking at two significant issues. 
  1. Injustices towards aboriginals with sub-issues such as
  2. Poverty in Canada focussing on Inner City groups fighting poverty such as
You are going to pick one of the sub-issues about either the pipelines, the issues with water, or one of the Inner City mission groups.
You will research it, figuring out
  1. The exact nature of the problem (What caused it, why it persists, etc).
  2. Who is involved in the issues on both sides of it. 
  3. What can be done to resolve it.
  4. Why a Christian should even care about the issue.
Compile your information and pull it together on a poster that will be hung on the walls of the class.