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This is the News

Your assignment from now until the end of the term is:
  1. Identify the single most important Canadian news item in the past week.
  2. Describe that item in a sentence or two.
  3. In a sentence or two more, explain why this item is so important. For example, you could try answering one or more of these questions:
    • Why does it matter more than something else?
    • How does it change Canada?
    • Does it make Canada a better place or a worse one?
  4. You will do this assignment every week and hand it in on Friday, except for weeks where there's no school on Friday and then you're off the hook for that week.
How do you find this information? You can read the paper (there's a copy of the Winnipeg Free Press available in the library every day), listen to the radio news, or watch the news on T.V.