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Group Map Work

The Places

  1. Yukon
    1. Whitehorse
    2. Dawson
    3. Old Crow
  2. Northwest Territories
    • Yellowknife
    • Inuvik
    • Tuktoyaktuk
  3. Nunavut
    • Iqaluit
    • Rankin Inlet
  4. British Columbia
    • Victoria
    • Vancouver
    • Prince Ruper
  5. Alberta
    • Edmonton
    • Calgary
    • Red Deer
    • Lethbridge
  6. Saskatchewan
    • Regina
    • Saskatoon
  7. Manitoba
    • Winnipeg
    • Brandon
    • Flin Flon
  8. Ontario
    • Toronto
    • Ottawa
    • Niagara Falls
  9. Quebec
    • Quebec
    • Montreal
    • St. Louis du Ha! Ha!
  10. New Brunswick
    • Fredericton
    • St. John
    • Moncton
  11. Nova Scotia
    • Halifax
    • Sydney
  12. Prince Edward Island
    • Charlottetown
    • Summerside
  13. Newfoundland and Labrador
    • Happy Valley-Goose Bay
    • Jerry's Nose
    • St. John's

Your assignment

  1. Your job today is, with your group, to create a Google Map that includes all the places listed on the left.
  2. You can sign in to Google Maps using your account.
  3. Once your whole group is signed in, one of you should create the map by clicking on
    • MY PLACES and then clicking on
    • You can SHARE using the big green button in the top right.
  4. You are going to locate all the places on the left and places them on your map using the marker tool to pin it  (The tool is shown in the picture.)
  5. In addition to this, once the item is pinned, you have the option to add a description to the box. You should include two pieces of information about the town.
    • The information should require a small amount of research.
    • It should be something that's not immediately obvious. For example, don't tell us that Regina is in Saskatchewan, or Victoria is next to an ocean.
    • It should be in good taste.