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Find that Town (2)

The Task

Recently, you located a lot of obscure and interestingly named towns in Western Canada by locating them on the highway. Today, you're going to create your own set of riddles to find other interesting towns.

On your own:

  1. Locate four interesting towns in each of six provinces or territories shown on one of the maps on the wall..
    • That's four towns per province for a total of 24 towns.
    • Pick places with offbeat and unusual names that are on a highway.
  2. Figure out what highway/s they are located on.
  3. Come up with interesting and original clues that help describe the town.
  4. Neatly write it down. Be sure to include the answers on the back. 
  5. Hand it in to your teacher.


There's one half mark per clue that you come up with provided the answer is provided to me, as well. Pretty simple, eh?