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Creating Canada

What to Do

Map of Canada
Today you are going to create a map of Canada. WIth your partners, you're each going to draw, color, and label two adjoining provinces and/or territories. The combinations are
  1. British Columbia and the Yukon.
  2. Alberta and Northwest Territories
  3. Saskatchewan and Manitoba
  4. Nunavut and Newfoundland and Labrador
  5. Ontario
  6. Quebec
  7. New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island

How to Do It

  1. You need to figure out the dimensions of your region and draw it out.
    • The scale for the 9A class is 30 km is equal to one centimetre.
    • The scale for the 9C class is 26 km is equal to one centimetre.
  2. You should end draw out the region on the paper provided.
  3. You need to color the province appropriate colors.
    • Green for forests.
    • Red for fruit regions.
    • Blue for water.
    • Yellow/golden for farming areas.
  4. Locate and label the 10 largest population centres in your region. If your region has more than one province or territory, make sure that each province/territory has at least two places labelled.
  5. When everyone is done, we'll put these up on the wall and link your regions together to form a united map of Canada.


Somehow I have to give you a mark, so here's how I'll do it.

Is the project neat, tidy, and colorful? Is it something you want to look at or something that repels you?
Does the project identify 10 significant population centers with at least two in each province/territory?
Does the project have the farming, urban, forest and other areas appropriately colored?
Did you work hard or did you let your group members carry the load for you? Were you in there doing your part?
Total /8