Introductory Activity

We've covered two very important and difficult concepts: subjectivity, and nihilism.

Today you are going to explain what one of these concepts means.

All of you have slightly differing abilities. Therefore, you have option on how you'll do this. 

You are going to do this in one of several different ways.
  1. Write a sonnet. 
    • It should be 14 lines, 
    • use iambic pentameter metre, 
    • and the rhyme scheme would be abbaabba  cdcdcd.
  2. Make a drawing. 
    • It should be colored, 
    • well drawn, 
    • tidy 
    • and present a clear visual message.
  3. Create a song. 
    • It should have at least 12 lines. 
      • The lines should rhyme. 
    • It should have a recognizable melody 
      • and you should be prepared to sing it in front of the class.
  4. Write a story. 
    • It should be about 250 words. 
    • It should be clearly fictional. 
    • It should have well constructed sentences, paragraphs, and the like.


Whatever format you use, you have to follow the rules laid out for it. Otherwise, it will be returned if submitted.

Once your assignment has been accepted, if you have a clear explanation of your chosen concept, bob's your uncle. Full marks. It's really that simple.