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Why do you recycle?

Part 1: 10 Reasons to Recycle

Why might someone recycle? Based on the websites below, come up with ten reasons.
  1. City of Edmonton
  3. Retire your ride
  5. Louisiana Government

Do you recycle for any of the following reasons?

  1. We are running out of Space for our trash
  2. Trash threatens our health and ecosystem
  3. Packaging is our problem
  4. Trade in trash is wasteful
  5. We are running out of resources
  6. Recycling Always Protects the Environment
  7. Recycling Saves Resources

Part 2: 5 Reasons to Not Recycle

If people recycle for the 10 reasons you looked at above, what are five reasons people might not recycle?

  1. The recycling conundrum: How your blue bin hurts the environment
  2. A summary of Daniel Benjamin's The Eight Great Myths of Recycling.