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The Impact of Canadians


  1. Lester Pearson - Peace Keeping
  2. Alexander Graham Bell - Inventor of the Telephone
  3. Frederick Banting - Co-discoverer of Insulin
  4. Marshall MacLuhan - The Medium is the Message
  5. Emily Carr - Artist
  6. Douglas Coupland - Artist, author
  7. Yousuf Karsh - Photographer
  8. Douglas Cardinal - Architect
  9. Joe Shuster - Comic book artist
  10. Grey Owl - Environmental advocate
  11. Jean Vanier - Advocate for the disabled. Founder of L'Arche.
  12. Norman Bethune - Surgeon, inventor, socialist
  13. Romeo Dallaire - General
  14. Doug Henning - Magician
  15. John Kenneth Galbraith - Economist
  16. Glenn Gould - Pianist
  17. Malcolm Gladwell - Journalist
  18. Florence Nightingale Graham - Cosmetologist
  19. Jim Balsillie - Business co-inventor of the smartphone

What to do

Canadians have had and continue to have a big impact around the world.  On the left is a list of Canadians who have done something either outside of Canada or who have influenced people beyond Canada's borders.

  1. Pick at topic. If you want, pick a partner (that's one other person). You don't have to pick a partner.
  2. Research your person. Make sure you find out his or her
    • Birthdate/Date of death (if applicable)
    • Birthplace and place of death (if applicable)
    • Formative influences. What shaped him/her to accomplish what he/she did?
    • Major contribution/s. What is your person remembered for?
      • You want to remember the good, but few people only do good. While Jean Vanier did some great things for the disabled, there's a lot of stuff coming out about him after his death that's not nice. 
  3. Lay it out. You're going to get a page on a wiki to organize your information.
    • Include the information asked for, as well as a title. It should be neatly organized in bullet points with short sentences.
    • Include pictures.
    • Include a YouTube video about the person.
    • (The wiki gives a history of changes and who made them, so don't mess with other people's pages.)