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Create a matching activity that includes answers to at least 20 of the following questions. You may work with one partner if you choose.
  1. Chinese Head Tax
    • When did it start?
    • Why did it start?
    • What ended just before the tax started?
    • How many Chinese came to Canada?
    • How much was the tax at the beginning?
    • How much was the tax at the end?
    • When did the tax end?
    • Who officially apologized for the tax?
  2. Ukrainian Internment
    • When did it take place?
    • Name one town where there was an internment camp.
    • Why were the Ukrainians interned?
    • Who apologized for the internment?
  3. Women's Suffrage
    • Most women who wanted suffrage also wanted one other political objective. Name it.
    • What is maternal feminism?
    • Which Manitoba premier opposed suffrage?
    • Who lead the charge for suffrage in Manitoba?
    • Which province was the first to give women the vote?
    • Which province was the last?
    • Name the Famous Five.
    • What is the Persons Case?
    • What is the JCPC?
    • Who was the first female Senator?
  4. Japanese Internment
    • What was the trigger event for the Japanese Internment?
    • When did the Internment start?
    • Where did the Japanese Canadians live, for the most part?
    • Where were they moved to?
    • What happened to the Japanese Canadians after the war?
    • What happened to the property of the Japanese Canadians after the war?
    • Who apologized for the Internment?
  5. Padlock Law
    • When was the Padlock Law passed?
    • Where was it passed?
    • Who was premier in this province at this time?
    • Who was it supposed to target?
    • Who was it also used against?
    • Who was Igor Gouzenko?
    • What was his job?
    • What went wrong when he defected?
    • How is this tied to the Cold War?
    • When was this law overturned?
  6. Constitution
    • What part of the constitution guarantees our human rights?
    • When was this signed into law?
    • What does it mean to "patriate" something?
    • What was the "Kitchen Cabinet"?
    • Who came to Canada to sign the Constitution Act 1982?