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To Research

  1. Chinese Head Tax
    • Why was it brought in?
    • Why did it end?
  2. 1907 Anti-Japanese Riot
  3. Ukrainian Internment in WWI
    • Why were Ukrainians rounded up?
    • Who else was arrested?
  4. Women's Suffrage
    • Why did women want the vote?
    • Where did it come first?
    • Where did it come last?
  5. Women Declared Persons
    • Why weren't women "persons"?
    • Who were the Famous Five?
    • Who was the first female senator?
  6. Eugenics in Canada
    • What is eugenics?
    • Especially the Sexual Sterilization Acts in B.C. and Alberta
  7. Japanese Internment in World War II
    • Remember Pearl Harbor
    • Why were they locked up?
    • Where were they locked up?
    • Was there compensation?
    • Was there forgiveness?
  8. Padlock Law
    • Who was the law directed against?
    • Who was the law used against?
    • Who was Igor Gouzenko and how did he fit in?
    • How was the law ultimately overturned?
  9. Bill 101
    • Who was it meant to protect?
    • Who did it hurt?
    • Who proposed it?
    • Where did it happen?

To Do

  1. Pick one of the topics listed on the right. 
  2. With a small group research the issue including questions like:
    • What is the main event all about?
    • What caused the event to happen?
    • Who are major characters (or organizations)?
    • How were people treated or mistreated?
    • Did those who were treated badly contribute to their situation?
    • Did the situation violate human laws, moral laws (God's laws) or both?
    • Were there heros in the incident, people who did the right thing? Were they flawed heros?
  3. Post your research on the wiki provided for this purpose.
  4. Take note that this is a wiki. That means that everyone can be working on separate pages at the same time which means that no one has an excuse to not be working.
  5. You should break your topic down into several parts so each of you has a part to research and present.
  6. Try to find legitimate and legal pictures to include with your pages.

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6 7 8 9  10
Pages clearly show understanding of basic facts Pages clearly show mastery of all pertinent facts Pages are organized and clear. Pages is lively and engaging. Presentations shows rare spark of originality


 6  7  8 9
Students realize that human rights are not universally respected.
Students show that idea of human rights changes over time Student understand that ultimately rights come from God Student understands that human beings often ignore God's command to show love   God uses flawed humans to help others