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Human Rights in Canada

Today you're going to create a presentation on one of the following Canadian human rights issues listed below.

  1. Acadian Expulsion
  2. Underground Railroad
  3. Chinese Head Tax
  4. 1907 Anti-Japanese Riot
  5. Women's Suffrage
  6. Japanese Internment
  7. Padlock Law

You'll need to research one of these issues and create a way to present the information to the rest of the class. As you research your topic, you should try to answer several questions.
  1. What is the main event all about?
  2. What caused the event to happen?
  3. Who are major characters (or organizations)?
  4. How were people treated or mistreated?
  5. Did those who were treated badly contribute to their situation?
  6. Did the situation violate human laws, moral laws (God's laws) or both?
  7. Were there heros in the incident, people who did the right thing? Were they flawed heros?

You could present to the class by
  1. Creating a board game
  2. Filming a video
  3. Writing singing, and recording/performing a two minute song (only do this if you have some actual musical ability).
  4. Creating a photo essay that tells the story.

This can be done in small groups, appropriate to the project. For example, a board game might need two people, a song might need one, but a well thought out video might need four. There are other possible formats, but you should clear them with the teacher before you start



6 7 8 9  10
Presentation clearly shows understanding of basic facts Presentation clearly shows mastery of all pertinent facts  Presentation is organized and clear. Presentation is lively and engaging. Presentations shows rare spark of originality


 6  7  8 9
Students realize that human rights are not universally respected.
Students show that idea of human rights changes over time Student understand that ultimately rights come from God Student understands that human beings often ignore God's command to show love   God uses flawed humans to help others

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Nov 28, 2012, 10:32 AM