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Canadian Human Rights Issues

Pick an issue in Canadian Human Rights. (You may work with one other person, if you choose. You don't have to.)
  1. Chinese Head Tax or
  2. Women get the vote and are declared to be legal persons or
    Credit: Eugene M. Finn / National Film Board of Canada. Photothèque / Library and Archives Canada / C-054523
  3. Japanese Internment or
  4. Igor Gouzenko defects.
Do some research on your chosen topic. Find out the significant
  • dates,
  • people,
  • places,
  • and events.

Arrange them chronologically.

Then find photos to accompany them. There are links provided below. 

Use only the pictures that are found on the website.  You will need to cite them. Information on how to do that is provided here under the heading of Non-Commercial Reproduction.

  1. Chinese Head Tax
  2. Women declared persons. Women's Suffrage (Be careful what you pick with this one. Not all the pictures are relevant.)
  3. Japanese Internment
  4. Igor Gouzenko, Joseph McCarthy
When you have researched your event and found great pictures to accompany it, you are going to compile them into a small video using the website

You'll need to register at Powtoon. I'd suggest you use your Wingsmail account for that.

When you're in, you should create a video with at least
  • 10 slides
  • 1 picture per slide
  • and 20 words per slide.
Remember that with the magic of Powtoon, your words, or pictures, don't all have to be on the screen at the same time. They come in and leave the screen as you like.


 5 610 
10 slides
1 picture/slide
20 words/slide
Credit given for pictures
Provides basic information Information is in correct chronological order.Material explains the reasons for change.Material explains the impact of the change at that time.Material explains the impact of the change in years to come. 

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Nov 12, 2014, 9:22 AM