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What's a good citizen?

We've seen many bad examples of what a Canadian is:
  • racist,
  • xenophobic,
  • intolerant,
  • cruel,
  • self righteous,
  • self centered.
Today's job is to see what a good citizen really should be.
  •  Christianity talks about love. Check BibleGateway.
    • What is love according to the Bible?
    • Who should we love according to the Bible?
    • How is love shown in the Bible?
  • What would this look like in our modern time?
    • What would a "good" Canadian be like today?
    • While he would not be racist, xenophobic, intolerant, cruel, self righteous, or self centered what positive attributes would he have?
  • Using all your creativity, your imagination, and your incredible drawing skills create a drawing of what a "good" Canadian would be.
    • Keep in mind what the Bible suggest are attributes of a loving person.
    • When you draw this person, give him/her any necessary accessories to play his/her role/s.
    • Label him/her to make sure we can see what about him/her makes him/her a "good" citizen of Canada (and, ultimately, a good citizen of God's kingdom).
  • You may work in a small group of up to three that should include at least
    • one boy,
    • one girl
    • and one other person who is presumably one of the two previously listed groups.
    • One person in your group should have red hair, one black, and one blond.
    • One person should be allergic to nuts, one to shellfish, and a third should be lactose intolerant.