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Federal Parties

The Parties

Across Canada there are 19 parties that are registered to run candidates in the 2011 election. The links below connect to the websites of the parties. Party websites are a good place to start researching, but don't stop there. Keep digging.

  1. Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada
  2. New Democratic Party
  3. People's Political Power Party of Canada
  4. Pirate Party of Canada
  5. Progressive Canadian Party
  6. Rhinoceros Party
  7. United Party of Canada
  8. Western Block Party

What to do

You (and maybe a partner) will be assigned one party to research. Find out everything you can about them but especially:
  1. Who the leader of your party is.
    • Find out everything you can about the leader (not just what's on the party website). Some of the leaders have led unusual lives and this includes
      • Stephen Harper,
      • Michael Ignatieff,
      • and Douglas Christie.
    • Do some digging (even if your leader is not listed above).
  2. The philosophy of the party (what do they believe about government and society).
    • Is the party serious?
    • Is the party separatist?
    • Is the party environmentalist?
    • What are they about.
  3. The main platform of the party. What are the top five things they would do or change if elected?
Take the information that you're finding above and create a page on our wiki/website for your party. Organize it neatly.


  1. Elections Canada. It includes a link allowing you to punch in your postal code and find out what riding you're in.