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Emergencies Act

There's a lot of talk about how to deal with the coronavirus and the resulting COVID-19 sickness. The government is suggesting that it needs emergency powers, and there are a lot of people who agree with them. Diane Francis, who writes for the Financial Post, has said that to beat this "we must sacrifice our freedoms."

To get the powers some people think the government needs, there is a law called the Emergencies Act.  Below are several articles about the Emergencies Act. Read a few and then answer the questions below.

Background information

Answer the questions below. You may answer them in point form if you want. It'd be great if you can work with a partner on this via texting, a shared document the telephone, or whatever works for you. It'll be easier to come up with answers if you have a partner.
  1. What are five powers that the government can give itself if it uses the Emergencies Act?
  2. Do you think these powers are necessary for the government to have to have in order to stop the spread of this disease? Explain your reason/s.
  3. Sometimes in our fear we can abuse vulnerable people. For example, in the Second World War we used the emergency powers the government had to round up the Japanese. We did the same thing with Ukrainians and Germans. Since all are made in the image of God, how do we treat everyone fairly and treat everyone well, even in an emergency? Suggest one idea to make sure the government doesn't abuse its powers.