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Democracy vs. Building a Third Party

Today you get to play with Democracy. Play it several times to really get the feel of it. Try to figure out why you succeed or fail in what you do.


  • You will play Canada.
  • Your term will be four years.

To win the game

  • Get re-elected.
  • Truthfully, you can't win. In government you keep getting re-elected until you eventually lose.

To lose the game

  • Fail to get re-elected
  • or if your people are really annoyed with you, get assassinated.

What do you learn?
Questions to answer (but as a paragraph and not as individual questions)
Look at all 12 questions, not just the first 5

  1. Once you understood how the game worked, were you able to get re-elected?
  2. How do you make a lot of the citizens like you?
  3. Do you ever feel you have to make decisions you don't like in order to stay in government?
  4. Can you stay in power and make the decisions that you believe need to be made?
  5. What is the surest way to lose the election, to get driven from office?

Contrast this

  1. When you built a Third Party, did you worry whether the citizens liked you?
  2. Did you attempt to get in power, or to stay there?
  3. Did you compromise your positions?

Draw conclusions

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach?
  2. Which approach allows you to accomplish your aims more easily?
  3. Is there one approach where you can be truer to your concience?
  4. Is there one approach which is more Christian? Justify your answer.


D C B  A
Outlines Democracy game play
Outlines learning from Third Party Activity
Compares approaches. Which is more effective?
Concludes which approach is more faithful to Christian standards.
Explains what allowed them to stay in power.
Explains compromises made/disadvantages
Explain what is meant by "effective"?
Give reasons for this conclusion
Explains what lost them power
Explains advantage/s of being part of a third party
Determines which approach allows faithfulness to concience.  
Explains compromises made
Explains purpose/s of being part of a third party Defends answer in a convincing way.