Manitoba Day

Today is Manitoba Day. On May 12, 1870, the Manitoba Act received Royal Assent thereby creating the province of Manitoba.


  1. Wikipedia
  2. Canadian Encyclopedia
  3. Travel Manitoba - Historical Dates
  4. History of Manitoba - Wikipedia
  5. This was Manitoba
  6. Women win the vote
  7. Women's Suffrage
  8. Roadside attractions
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  10. Red River Floodway


Answer the questions below based on the sites above.

  1. “Manitoba” comes from what language?
  2. When did Manitoba become a province?
  3. About how many lakes are found in Manitoba?
  4. Churchill is the “(animal name) capital.”
  5. Who was the first European to reach the south of Manitoba? When?
  6. How many died at the Battle of Seven Oaks?
  7. Set up as a small and square province at the beginning, what part of letter writing was Manitoba often compared to?
  8. What is the name of Manitoba’s largest lake?
  9. Which has more people, urban or rural areas?
  10. When was French originally declared an official language of Manitoba?
  11. What is Manitoba’s oldest industry?
  12. When did Lord Selkirk establish an agricultural settlement in southern Manitoba?
  13. Who led the 1869-1870 Red River Rebellion?
  14. In what year did the famous Winnipeg General Strike take place?
  15. In 1871, how many people lived in Manitoba?
  16. What famous character died on May 12, 1934?
  17. Who led the suffrage movement in Manitoba until her move to Alberta?
  18. Who was the premier best known for opposing women’s suffrage?
  19. While fighting to get the vote, what did women fight to ban?
  20. Where in Manitoba do you find Tommy the Turtle?
  21. How many MLAs does Manitoba have?
  22. What does Elm Creek, Manitoba have that’s the largest in the world?
  23. Which premier was responsible for the building of the Red River Floodway?