ABC Book

We're going to create an abecedarium or ABC book for Canadian children.  Each letter of the alphabet will be represented by something appropriately Canadian that is in remarkably good taste. You may pick almost anything for each letter (26 different things) that you want.


Each letter should take half a page or more. There should be the letter, a phrase such like "A is for..." and an illustration. You can find

You need a cover for this as well.

Possible Picture Resouces

See my list at Canuck.Ninja.

Possible Research Resources

  1. The Canadian Encyclopedia
  2. Country Reports
    • Historical and Cultural information
    • Statistical data with comparison charting
    • User ID: linden     Password: library
  3. Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online
  4. Geographic Name Search

What to create

  1. You should have 26 different neat, well colored or "photoshopped" pictures.
  2. Your pictures should be put together in such a way that they create a neat, folded booklet.
  3. Each illustration should be for something very distinctly Canadian. For example, snow, while it is found in Canada, is not uniquely Canadian. Neither is beer.
  4. You may work on this individually, or with one partner.