Photo Projects

  1. Create a small world with macro (52WDPP)
  2. Fun with abstracts (52WDPP)
  3. Defy gravity (52WDPP)
  4. Make a splash without flash (52WDPP)
  5. Panoramas (52WDPP)
  6. Subtle and surreal (52WDPP)
  7. Turn your friends and family into giants (52WDPP)
  8. Shoot low for stunning landscapes (52WDPP)
  9. Bend light to your advantage (refractions) (52WDPP)
  10. Shoot a surreal multi-image portrait (52WDPP)
  11. Raise your subject with floating pictures (52WDPP)
  12. Perform a vanishing act (52WDPP)
  13. Create light trails (52WDPP)
  14. Black and white day portraits (52WDPP)