Final Assignment

Your final assignment for Digital Pictures 25 will be to create a portfolio of 20 pictures that shows your mastery of the content covered in the course including...
  1. Framing
  2. Individual portraits
  3. Group portraits
  4. A photo that shows speed. (Panning)
  5. Black and White photography, especially photos showing a good use of high contrast imagery.
  6. Refraction/Reflection/Bending of light
  7. Action photography or speed photography (Motion blur)
  8. Depth of field as a technique to draw attention to a subject
  9. A tableau
  10. Macro photography
You should label your mosaic on the back to show which technique was used for each photo. You might think it's obvious, but it's not always as clear as you think it is.

What will your mosaic look like?

  1. Your mosaic will be created on BigHugeLab's Mosaic Maker.
    • It will be set up as either a 4 by 5 layout or 5 by 4.
    • It will be submitted as an 8*10 portrait printed on appropriate photographic paper.
    • This means each photo in the mosaic will be 2 by 2.
  2. It will be built around a single and appropriate theme such as hockey, kindness, school, or generosity.
  3. It may include a few photos that you have taken during the time of the course.
    • There should be no photos taken before the course started.

How will it be evaluated?

  1. Is there a coherent theme? (5)
  2. Is the lighting for each photo appropriate? (10)
  3. Is the focus for each photo appropriate? (10)
  4. Is each topic represented in at least one picture? (10)

Due Date

  • June 6 (or one week before the last day of class; whichever is later).
James Dykstra,
Jun 15, 2012, 8:04 AM