Places to take portraits

When taking portraits the idea is to get the subject to relax, and, if possible, forget that you are taking their picture. A self timer, and a tripod may be useful for this.


  1. Top of North East Stairs.
  2. Top of Property Stairs.
  3. 2nd Floor Alcove.
  4. Computer Room Hallway.
  5. North West stairs.
  6. Short Stairs/Ramp by Middle School Office/IT Office
  7. Comfortable chair in library by the magazines.
  8. South West Stairs.
  9. Stools in basement "cafe" area.
  10. Hallway above the gym/Old Band Hallway
  11. Main Floor Alcove


  1. Top of North East Stairs
  2. Hallway in front of Cam's office
  3. 2nd Floor Alcove
  4. Property Stairs
  5. Short Stairs/Ramp by Middle School Office/IT Office
  6. Hallway "V" by Elevator/Library entrance


  1.  Play Structure
  2. Trees
  3. Berm at back of parking lot
  4. Field
  5. Outside Stairs by band exit/NE exit 
  1. 2nd Floor Alcove
  2. NE Stairs
  3. Property Stairs
  4. Hallway above the gym
  5. Ramp by Middle School Office
  6. Basement Cafe