Photo Collage of the School

Using the Mosaic Maker on, you are going to create a photo collage. The subject of your collage will be the school. All of your photos will show the school, or aspects of it, from the outside.

  1. The class will take time to shoot photos of the school going all the way around the outside of the building.
    • Shoot pictures up close.
    • Shoot pictures from far away.
    • Shoot pictures from normal angles.
    • Shoot pictures from unusual angles.
    • Shoot pictures of all kinds of details that grab you eye.
    • Shoot a lot of photos, preferably a few hundred if not more.
  2. When you have taken your pictures, sort through them and picture 13 shots.
    • There should be a common theme to your photos, something that ties them together.
    • It has to be something more significant than "the school" since that's what everyone's assignment will be on.
    • The theme could be community, change, enclosed, or anything else that's in good taste.
  3. Then log into using the login number and password you have been given.
  4. Go to the Mosaic Maker and pick the design that has 13 pictures. (Labeled "4x4 with large center.")
  5. Your focal point, your most important photo, should occupy the central position. The
    • The photos in the other spots are meant to support the idea that the central shot brings across.
    • Be aware that because the photos Big Huge Labs uses are square, and the ones you take are rectangles, only the middle of your photos will be used by the program.
  6. When you have created a nice collage, save it and download it.
  7. E-mail the final picture to
  8. You will be evaluated thusly:
    • Clear theme to the pictures (3)
    • Pictures in focus (3)
    • Pictures appropriately lit (3)