A Really Great Scavenger Hunt

The Basic Rules

Today, in teams of two armed with at least one camera between you, you're going to go out on a scavenger hunt and take pictures that fit the clues. As you go out in your teams:
  • be nice and quiet,
  • don't run anywhere,
  • don't go anywhere you're not normally allowed,
  • stay on the school property.

The Winning Conditions 

  • I'll create separate folders for each group to upload to, and to show off you pictures to others.
  • For every item successfully photographed five points will be awarded.
  • For originality, one or two bonus points may be awarded per picture.
  • In the event of a tie, the win will go to the group who completed their task the fastest without breaking any of the rules posted at the top.

The Items to Search For

What should you look for?
  1. Yourself.
  2. Something where there is a large depth of field.
  3. A slow object that appears to be going fast.
  4. Something well framed.
  5. A reflection or refraction.
  6. A tableau.
  7. A building.
  8. A portrait of an individual.
  9. A picture of a group.
  10. Something big that looks small.
  11. Fun with friends.
  12. Jubilation.
  13. Communication.
  14. Oxygen.
  15. Youth.
  16. Something unusual.
  17. Weather.
  18. Opposites.
  19. Fascination.
  20. Anxiety.
  21. Volume.
  22. Music.
  23. Grow.
  24. Vitality.
  25. The spirit of the season.