Wacky Summer Camp Brochure

Your job is to create brochure for a summer for an offbeat summer camp. The camp can be for almost anything in good taste that would not normally be a summer camp for kids. For example, you could have a camp for:
  1. learning to be a clown,
  2. becoming a champion bubble gum blower,
  3. learning to fly (without mechanical aids),
  4. or perhaps starting your own ant farm.
As long as it's in good taste and offbeat, any topic is acceptable. When designing it, always keep in mind the image of the camp that you want to present, and the intended target of your brochure.
  1. Your brochure should cover both sides of a sheet with three panels per side (so six panels all together).
  2. It should employ a layout from Microsoft Publisher that's suitably whimsical. Your template needs to be in tune with the theme of your camp.
  3. It should have appropriate color choices.
  4. It should have appropriate font choices. What style typeface suits your camp?
  5. It should at least a couple of bits of clip art that suit the subject of your brochure.
  6. Your brochure should have information on:
    • Camp programs
    • Camp accommodations
    • Camp location
    • Camp schedule (when is it held)
    • Cost for the camp
    • All of this should be suitably arranged in a nice, neat format.