The Amazing Zoombini

You are creating a poster for a live performing act such as a magic show, or possibly a musical group (one that's tasteful, of course). The poster should contain all the relevant information for the performance such as:
  1. Name of the performer or group.
  2. Date and time of performance/s.
  3. Location of performance.
  4. Where to get tickets.
Consider a few things when putting together your poster:
  1. The heading.
    • What word or key phrase could you prominently display to draw attention to your poster?
    • If your performer is famous, his name might be enough.
    • If your performer is unknown, you might need to say something like A Night of Mystery and Magic.
  2. The picture.
    • Posters for events almost always have some sort of image very prominently displayed.
    • The image is often centered top to bottom and left to right, though not necessarily.
    • The image you pick should give people some idea what to expect from the performance.
    • The image you pick should draw attention to your poster. There should be something about it that somehow captures your attention.
  3. The font/s.
    • The fonts you use, especially for your heading, should suit your event.
    • You're doing more with your fonts than writing information. You're creating a mood. For something that's intriguing and mysterious like magic, you probably shouldn't use a simple, straight forward font like Arial.
  4. The colors.
    • What colors are suitable for your event?
    • Magic posters often feature black and white (why do you think that might be the case?).
    • Posters for music acts are often far more colorful (why do you suppose that is?).
    • What is the image you project with the colors you choose?
  5. Balance.
    • The various elements of your poster should be in balance.
    • Your eye should be drawn to different elements of the poster to see all the content there.
    • You don't want one area of the poster to visually overwhelm all the others.
Photo Credit: MorgueFile