Magazine Cover

When you see a magazine in the super market, or a book in the library, maybe it catches your attention. Maybe you stop and read it, or check it out or buy it.

What catches your attention?

  1. There's usually the magazine name in bold letters at the top, 
  2. and a significant, flashy picture that covers most of the page.
  3. Somewhere, down from the name of the magazine, you'll also find captions that show several of the main articles in that issue of the magazine.
  4. As well, usually close to the name of the magazine is the date and/or issue of the magazine.
  5. There is usually a good balance of colors that work together, with lights and darks highlighting certain things, and color changes that still work with the basic design drawing attention to good articles inside.
  6.  There is also an element of balance where the dominant image balances off the eye catching magazine title.
Your job is to create a cover for a fictional magazine that incorporates the elements listed above.