Happy Birthday!

Today you're creating a greeting card. It could be for a birthday, wedding, or other event that's remembered. You can, if you choose, prepare the card to give it to someone. There's always someone at school celebrating a birthday, mourning a loved one, healing from an illness, or expecting a baby. Brighten someone's day by giving them a card.
  1. Choose your event.
  2. Choose a suitable template from those offered on Publisher.
  3. Modify the front by adding an appropriate picture and suitable text to go with it.
    • The picture at the side came from Morgue File. It's a great picture for a birthday, but not so impressive for something else such as a funeral.
  4. Check the inside. Make sure the message is appropriately serious or whimsical depending on the occasion.
    • It can, possibly, be upbuilding in a Christian way remembering birthdays or other special occasions.
  5. Don't forget to check out the back.
    • On these template there are usually small amounts of text there that you may need to modify or eliminate.
    • Generally cards have a copyright notice, author credit, and a price on the back.
  6. On something like this fonts and colors are important.
    • They should reflect the gravity (or lack of it) of the occasion. Don't use neon green for a bereavement card. Don't use black for a birthday. The color should fit.
    • In the same way, the font should be appropriate. Don't use Comic Sans MS for sad events and, generally speaking, Gothic isn't great for happy ones.
  7. Remember, too, that you need balance on your pages. If you have a single element like text or a picture, it probably appears in the middle of the page.
    • The picture on the front probably dominates the page.
    • If you are using a tent design for you card, text that's on the inside is usually on the lower part of the page. We don't tend to look at this page, so designers put it further down so it won't be missed as we open the card.
  8. Have fun with this one. You can do a lot of neat things and possibly brighten someone's day.