Electronic/Sports Equipment Blowout

You are going to create a flyer for a sports or electronics store that is having a major sale.
  1. Your store will need a name. Make it suitably descriptive.
    • It can describe what the store sells (Sport Check, Athlete's World, Burger King),
    • what the store charges (Best Buy, Dollarama),
    • or it can be a vision of what the store is (Future Shop, The Source). This third one is more interesting but it takes some creativity.
  2. You are creating a flyer for your store. A flyer is one side of one single page so you don't have that much room to work with.
    • With that in mind, choose a suitable template from those offered by Publisher.
    • It should have room for
    • several different products that can be featured in the flyer.
    • the name of your store prominently displayed.
    • when the sale takes place.
  3. You need fonts. (Of course you need fonts. How could you type anything without fonts?)
      • They should be suitably elegant, serious, silly or whimsical to suit your particular store and sale. 
      • AAGhostwriter might be great for a spooky Halloween sale but not for a Christmas sale.
      • Try not to use too many different fonts. This makes your work look cluttered and confusing.
  4. Are your headings appropriate?
      • How will you make the name of the store stand out?
      • Should some sale items be more visible than others? Bold or big text and maybe a different font can make certain items stand out from the pack.
      • What is important and how can you use headings and fonts to make that stand out?
  5. What colors are you picking?
    • Black and orange might be great for a Halloween sale, but they're not appropriate for a St. Patrick's Day event.
    • What colors say "cheap electronics/sports equipment" to you? Why?
    • Different colors appeal to different age groups. Brighter colors tned to be used with younger buyers and darker colors with older ones. Who are you pitching your flyer at?
    • A few pictures are normally useful. People will more readily buy something if they know what it looks like. Find pictures that suit what your store sells.