Burger Kingdom's Mega Burger Sale

For this assignment you are once again creating a flyer (a one page, one sided ad) . This time it's not for a sale for a variety of products but for just one: Burger Kingdom's Mega Burger.

  1. Burger Kingdom's logo should, of course, be prominently displayed on your page.Take a few minutes and put something appropriate together.

    • Logos should be simple and easy to recognize at a distance. Probably the best example of this is McDonald's arches that can literally be recognized from miles away.
  2. The Mega Burger is a new product at Burger Kingdom so you need to make it attractive.
    • In a sentence or two, describe it so it sounds mouth watering (maybe something like "two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun").
    • Find or create a picture of your Mega Burger. Keeping in mind that this burger is mega, how big should the picture be in your flyer? There are some great free burger pictures at Morgue File.
  3. Include at least two coupons in your flyer.
      • How do you make these coupons stand out from the rest of the flyer, without distracting from the main message?
      • Where should they appear on the page? How can you make them obvious with their positioning without drawing attention from that delicious burger of yours?
  4. What colors are appropriate when advertising a burger?
    • Most burger places have bright, identifiable colors that are easily recognized at a distance such as McDonald's (red and yellow), Burger King (red, yellow and blue), Dairy Queen (red, blue, and orange), or even the more muted A&W (lots of orange with quieter brown mixed in).
    • While visibility is key in the color choice - not beauty - the colors also should not be too harsh to look at. Find a happy medium.
  5. Though much of your flyer may use "company colors" you should also think what colors would be complimentary colors that can be used for text and descriptions. Most people don't want to read a lot of text in a bright yellow. It tires your eyes. This color wheel may help you in your deliberations. Colors far apart on the wheel are generally picked for their high contrast, such as red and yellow. Colors closer together are more soothing to the eye.

    • You could try something radical like using black as your main text color.
  6. Make sure your flyer has a clear focal point. Where is your eye drawn when you look at it? Look hard because your eye isn't always going to what you think it is.
    • For example, on the poster on the right, what is the message that's delivered to the reader? It's probably not the one that was meant.
    • A massive picture of a Mega Burger might be a good place to start, but, if you do put one in, make sure there's nothing distracting you from seeing it.
    • Keep visual clutter low. Try to only say one or two things at a time.
  7. To summarize: You need three things in appropriate balance.
    1. The restaurant name and logo
    2. A picture of the Mega Burger with an appropriate caption and description.
    3. Two coupons to promote the burger.