Branding Yourself

You've spent the past semester creating documents aimed at giving a consistent and logical identity to camps, schools, and other organizations. Today, you're going to create a brand for yourself.

To do this you're going to create two documents: a brochure that explains who you are and why someone should hire you/be your friend/want to associate with you. You'll also need to create a business card to hand out to potential employers/friends/people willing to associate with you.

  1. You will need to consider carefully what people will discover about you.
    • You are creating a first impression with this document.
    • Maybe you like hockey but is that really what you want people to remember about you? Is there more about you than can be summarized in a Winnipeg Jets logo? (Hopefully there is.)
    • In a way, this is your resume. What do you want people to discover about you right off the hop?

  2. You'll need a color palette.
    • What colors express you identity?
    • What colors definitely do not tell who you are?
    • You should limit it to two or perhaps three colors.
    • Be careful to consider color meanings as you think about this part of the activity. For example, red is lively, pink is feminine, and black can be dark and forbidding.
  3. You will need some sort of graphic that identifies you.
    • It could be cartoonish, or it could be realistic.
    • Either way, it is a visual representation of you.
    • Are you the lion-type that devours, or more of a cuddly teddy bear?
    • This is a first impression that will define you.
  4. What is the information that will appear on your business card?
    • Obviously you need your name on there, but how else do you want people to find out about you or to contact you?
    • Should they be able to snail mail you, send e-mail, text you, find you Skype, FaceBook, or Twitter?

    • How can you lay out the information you need so it has balance on your card?
    • Where will the image that represents you appear? What are the colors you are using? They should be same ones that appear on your brochure.
  5. In short, you need two documents, a brochure and a business card that shared common design elements including color and graphics. They should create a unified, visual identity that explains who you are.


For 5 points each, you'll be evaluated on the following:
  • Unified look between the two documents
  • Balanced Design in both documents
  • Appropriate color choice
  • Suitable graphic that defines the subject
  • Appropriate content in brochure to explain the subject
Use the form attached below to do your peer evaluation.
James Dykstra,
Jan 18, 2012, 8:21 AM