In Studio Guest

You are hosting a 5 minute podcast, but for today's episode you've brought in a guest.
  1. You need to decide the subject of your podcast. This will depend on either your interests, or on the subject that your guest is knowledgeable on.
  2. You need to research the subject of your podcast. 
    • If a program host is to get a guest to talk about a subject, the host has to ask the right questions. 
    • That means the host has to know about the subject, too.
  3. Create a list of intelligent questions to ask your guest.
    • They should cover a full range from very simple to the very complex. 
      • Tell me about you job/car/sport/friend? 
      • Why were you invited/asked to/barred to/from this event?
      • How did this event make you feel?
      • If you could do it again, would you and why?
  4. Record the interview with your guest.
    • You should start out with an introduction something like: Welcome to the _____ show. My name is X and I'm here today with Q, my very special guest. Q is fascinated with dancing/singing/the Raptors/saving humanity and we're excited to have him on the program today.
    • Ask your questions, starting with the easy ones. Don't be afraid to ignore your list of questions if you find an interesting discussion happening.
  5. Add in theme music for both you intro and your outro.
    • Looperman is a great place for short, snappy loops of music. Typically they're from 10 to 20 seconds long which is just about perfect.
    • Incompetech is also a good source of music. However, its musical pieces are quite a bit longer than Looperman, so you're going to have to trim them. a bit.
  6. Edit your discussion to remove long pauses and awkward bits.
    • If you have gotten off topic, consider removing these sections as well. Some podcast work well with off topic bits, some not so much. It really depeneds on how well the host and guest are bantering.