A Conversation with Yourself

Today, using a green screen, you're going to create a conversation that a person is having with him/herself.
  1. It should be about two minutes long.
  2. Your script (which you should write up in advance) should not only have a conversation but should explain why someone would be talking to himself.
    • Maybe it's his concience.
    • Maybe it's his 'future self" or his "past self."
    • Maybe it's the good version of you arguing with the "cool" and radical version.
    • Maybe it's some reason that has yet to occur to me yet is in remarkably good taste.
  3. You should rehearse your script so you can leave pauses in your film in which the "other person" can respond.
    • If you don't do that, be prepared to do a lot more ediiting of you film to make it fit.
  4. One of the two versions of you should be filmed against a green screen and one against a regular wall or other background.
  5. Plan this out carefully so that both versions of you can fit in the frame without being on top of each other.
    • You might consider filming a couple of ten second segments as a test of this.
  6. This project should be done in pairs (one filming and one conversing) so be sure to share the equipment with others when you don't need it yourself.


Technical Merit
  • Does it seem like there's two different people?
  • Does the background of one person show through?
  • Is one person slightly transparent?
  • Does it look like two people having a conversation?
  • Is there a reason for the discussion?