Broadcast Media 35S Course Outline


Credits: 0.5

Teacher: James Dykstra

Topics to be covered

  1. Planning ahead
    • storyboarding
  2. Audio broadcasts
    • Creating and editing copy
    • Recording and editing the broadcast
    • Adding sound effects
  3. Video Broadcasts
    • Shooting a basic video
    • Editing a basic video
    • Playing with green screens
    • Shooting a video and adding sound
    • Shooting a video from multiple angles

Things you will need

  • a flash drive/USB key. A big one. At least 8 gigs, preferably 16. You will need to backup your assignments/projects frequently and keep them backed up until you've received a mark on them.
  • a notebook or paper for making notes in and for working on storyboards
    • it is assumed you will have a pen or pencil.
  • pencil crayons may be useful from time to time.
  • access to costumes.
    • You don't all need a tickle trunk full of things to wear, but look around your house and see what hats, ties, dresses, etc, might be borrow-able for the purpose of doing a video.
    • The clothes likely shouldn't be new or valuable since there's always a chance they'll be damaged.

Assumptions of the Course

  1. You will regularly check my website at What we're doing in class that day will be posted on my the calendar on the front page. Look for due dates here.
    • If you overlook the due date, if a new assignment is posted, you can assume that the previous assignment is due.
  2. Because it's usually hard to make an audio or video recording entirely on your own, this course will involve a lot of collaborative work.
    • In order to accomplish this, you'll need to work hard in class every class, as I'm sure all of you are used to doing all the time.
    • You may also need to work together outside of class time, possibly at lunch, during spare periods or after school. Please try to be flexible in the time you make available.
  3. You may also need to work with classmates that you wouldn't otherwise choose as partners.
    • Be gracious, kind and loving as would be expected in this Christian school.
  4. This is a course where digital media is produced and edited.
    • It is assumed that each student in the class will appear audibly or visually in each and every assignment for at least a moment or two.
    • It is not an option to refuse to appear in your recording.
  5. You will use the equipment carefully and responsibly.
    • The equipment will break if you're not careful. Be careful.
    • Using the equipment responsibly assumes not only that you will take care of it, but that you will use it ethically.
      • You will use it to transmit a positive message.
      • You will use it to build up and not to tear down.
      • These ideas are not new to you as students in a Christian school.


There course is project based so each assignment you do will be just one small part of the total.

Projects will be 100% of the course mark.

Assignments that are late will be penalized at the rate of 5% per week.

There will be no final exam for this course.