Audio Drama

In the next few classes you (and your partner/s) are going to create an audio drama of some sort. It should be about five minutes in length from opening theme music, to the ending credits.
  1. Pick a topic.

    • It can be almost anything you want. It should be in good taste, being clean and appropriate to play for your grandmother.
    • Is it going to be serious, or a comedy? Is it going to be a love story, or a thriller?
  2. Write a script.
    • Write it as a play where you put the name of the character on the left, and his/her words to the write.
    • Include stage directions, such as the appropriate sound effects.
    • Rehearse it once or twice to see that it actually takes close to five minutes.
  3. Pick your theme music.
    • The music should be public domain or creative commons. You can't simply grab something from you phone or from YouTube.
    • The sites on the left sidebar are pretty good choices for theme music. They let you use it freely if you provide credit to the author.
    • There's usually a few seconds of intro music at the beginning and something similar at the end. Looperman is pretty good for these short, snappy clips.
    • Often, in old radio dramas, when a character comes in he/she will have his/her own unique sound or sound effect. This kind of thing might be most easily found at Free Sound.
  4. Don't forget the sound effects.
    • The best site is probably Free Sound though there are others.
    • Since you can't see what's happening, sound effect are very important, whether that's footsteps, door slams, gun shots, or whatever.
    • Don't stint on the sound effects.
  5. Record.
  6. Edit the recording. Each group member should do their own editing work. You'll likely come up with fairly different results.
    • Alter voices if you need to.
    • Throw in the sound effects that you've found.
    • Export it all as an mp3.