Big Project

You are about to do a final video for this course using as many of the different things you have learned as possible. For each item included you will either gain or lose points.
  • Different Scenes (5)

  • Cuts (from one angle to another in same scene) (up to 5)
  • Transitions between scenes (up to 5)
  • Green Screen (backgrounds from Royalty Free pictures) (5)
  • Green Screen (multiple usages of the same actor on screen at once) (5)
  • Use of Royalty Free Music (see sidebar for sources) (5)
  • Adding credits (and giving credit for music, backgrounds, etc) and intro (5)
  • Five minute length (5)
  • Done with a group (-1 for every group member over one to a maximum of -5)
  • Using other people as actors (+1 for every person up to +5)
The topic of your video is pretty wide open. It should be in good taste (as always) avoiding topics that focus on things like the bedroom, booze, or the bathroom. As a general principle, your video should avoid violence.

James Dykstra,
May 27, 2011, 9:51 AM